Champagne Makeup Brushes Set

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Champagne Makeup Brushes Description

These 10pcs Champagne Makeup brushes are suitable for beginners and makeup gurus for setting foundation, eyeshade, and concealer. The brushes are packed with soft nylon bristles, perfect for blending, buffing, and setting makeup. For a matte finish, blend the foundation with a flat head brush and conceal it using a mini flat head concealer brush.  Use a powder brush to apply loose powder for a flawless look. Nose blush is designed for blending highlight powder and contour, while Flame brush serves two purposes: blending blush and powder. The beauty tools are crafted to redefine makeup application. The mini flame brush is perfect for blending concealer products and eye shades. A beauty staple, this cosmetic brush set can help you smoothly glide on eye shadow, blush, and highlighter. A large eye shadow brush is suitable for applying cream eye shadow or eye shadow on the eyelid for better coverage. For precise application, use a small eyeshade brush with a firm, flat head to apply the cream, powder, or liquid formulas on the face and eyes to avoid smudge. Creating a streak-free canvas to play with, Champagne Makeup brushes Set is designed to blend powder, shades, creams, and bronzers; these brushes sculpt your face to perfection.


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