Diamond Cosmetic Hexagon Brush

Handle Color:


A multi-purpose makeup, this hexagon-shaped cosmetic brush disperses product evenly across the face and neck. Easy-to-handle and use, this delicate brush is considered are one of the best make up brushes. A hot purchase amongst makeup-enthusiasts, the six corners of the brush can be used for building, blending, and buffing products. Leaving behind no trace of foundation, the super-soft bristles provide pro-like precision. This brush seamlessly glides onto your face, allowing you to set liquid foundations and powders into place with a streak-free finish. Small and convenient, this brush is perfect for putting on makeup while on-the-go. Shaped like a diamond, this single piece brush’s tube is made of high-quality acrylic material. Suitable for blending silicone-based products on the nose, eyes, or cheeks, this brush is perfect for everyone, from beginners to the pros. So, take self-care and glam time up a notch by opting to buy these silicone makeup brushes.


Brush material: nylon
Brush Material: Nylon
Used With: Blusher Foundation Brush


Total length Specifications: 5cm
Gross length specification: 2cm
Brush handle specification: Portable
Brush package type: Rubber box

Package Included:

1*Makeup Brush