Eyebrow Stickers


Eyebrow Stickers Description

Get your eyebrows on fleek

The O.TWO.O 4D hair like eyebrows are perfect for putting on perfect brows in no time. Making your asymmetrical brows look more natural, thicker, and fuller, these eyebrow tattoo stickers flawlessly blend with your brows. Quickly solving the problem of sparse eyebrows or gaps, these stickers mimic the effect of real hair. Pick and choose as you prefer to create the desirable eyebrow shape. Long-lasting and waterproof, you have to dint them in water and stick them onto your brows to get a defined form. A real game-changer, these fake eyebrow laminations give your eyes a natural look. Being makeup friendly, you can apply brow products over them. The ultimate addition to your cosmetics collection, these eyebrow tattoo stickers have a staying power of up to 7 days. Saving your time and hassle, these tattoo stickers are tailored to your eyebrows' needs. Safe to use, they enhance your facial features.