Eyebrow Tattoo Sticker



These O.TWO.O 4D hair like eyebrows are perfect for putting on a great set of eyebrows in no time. Making your asymmetrical eyebrows look more natural, fuller, and thicker, these eyebrow tattoo stickers seamlessly blend with your brows. Quickly solving the problem of sparse eyebrows or gaps, these stickers mimic the effect of real hair. Pick and choose as you prefer to create the desirable eyebrow shape. Long-lasting and waterproof, you have to dip them in water and stick them onto your eyebrows to get a defined form. A real game-changer, these fake eyebrow laminations give your eyes a natural look. Being makeup friendly, you can apply brow products over them. The ultimate addition to your collection of cosmetics, these eyebrow tattoo stickers have a staying power of up to 7 days. Saving your time and hassles, these fake eyebrows are tailored to your eyebrows needs. Safe to use and re-useable, they enhance your facial features.

FEATURES: Stick-on Eyebrows -- Stick to wear instantly to create full, natural brows with desirable brow shape. No professional makeup skill is required. 4D Hair-like Texture --- Stimulate microblading effect with hair-like & natural brow look. Seamlessly blend with your own brows. 7 days Long Lasting --- Super Waterproof, smudgeproof with strong staying power up to 7 days. Feel free to reuse by dipping water & re-stick when they start loosing (with proper maintenance). Find your Perfect Brow Shape --- We offer 6 brow shapes to universally fit any face contour. Perfectly flatter your face shape with a sharp arch, gentle curve, or even straight ones. Makeup-friendly ---- Stay firmly even when you put on brow tints to change brow colors, or apply makeup base/ makeup remover around the brow. Pain-free but REALISTIC! ---- Simply wear to get professional, hairy brows without going through any painful surgery or eyebrow embroidery. How to Use? 1, Position 4D eyebrows on desired area. 2, Wet the paper side with a small amount of water. 3, Peel slowly and done. Note: Before applying, coat your eyebrows with styling gel and let it fit your skin. PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 piece 4d hair like authentic eyebrows sticker

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recommended for those without eyebrows / Less eyebrows/ shaved eyebrows. For those with heavy eyebrows, O.TWO.O ultra fine 1.5mm eyebrow pencil is recommended. 1. No eyebrows and less eyebrows, the better the effect, the longer the retention time。 2. Those who have no eyebrows can keep them about a week. 3. Eyebrow stickers are waterproof, just wash your face normally (try to avoid brows, bubbling and rubbing)。 4. Remove eyebrow stickers (make-up remover oil, olive oil available) Note: The eyebrow paste is slightly reflective under strong light.It can be solved with a thin application of loose powder.


Q: How to choose a suitable eyebrow shape? A: It depends on your face shape. Except for thick and flat eyebrows, the remaining eyebrow shapes are commonly used in tattoo eyebrows. You can choose more eyebrow shapes. Q: Will it be washed off after bathing and washing my face? A: Bathing and washing your face will not wash off. Try to avoid the eyebrows when washing the foam. Do not rub it deliberately for longer. Q: How to use it? A: place the tattoo sticker on the eyebrows. Wet it with water and press it for 3 seconds to tear it. It is very convenient to use. It can be removed with a cleansing oil. Q: Is it one-off? A: Yes, it is a one-time use, but you can stick it on for about 7 days without putting off your makeup.